Lightwork Mastery for personal and global transformation!

The Galactic Councils of Light hold a unified field of love. 

Through initiation events, they assist humanity in aligning with new celestial earth energetics, carrying the Light of harmony, and evolving our consciousness.  

Schedule for the remainder of 2014 includes Writing Workshops, Initiations, and Telecalls. Please scroll down for all invitations and further information about our work, and visit our registration page to enroll.  

Pre-registration is requested. Stay tuned for announcement of locations for all events!


A Day of Connection, Reflection, and Writing with

The Councils of Light

Saturday July 12 Atlanta GA 1pm-5pm   $44

Saturday August 2 Charlotte NC  1m-5pm   $44

You do not have to be a writer to enjoy the full benefits of these workshops.

Come to one, or come to both!   

*Deepen your connection to The Councils of Light in a more personal setting*

* Expand your consciousness through the insights and experiences of others*

*Enjoy the process of integrating the Ascension energies with wisdom*

We’ll align with The Councils, focus our intentions, & reflect in written responses to guided questions.

Participants have loved this workshop and have eagerly awaited the opportunity for another! We’re thrilled to  be offering these amazing days this summer!


Initiation into The Council of The Ancient Ones

and The Council of the Animals

Sat. October 18, 2014  

Atlanta, GA  11am – 6pm   $222 (register early for special rate- $195)


Initiation into The Council of the Multi-dimensional Realms,

The Council of the Glories,

and The Quantum Co-creational Council of Manifestation 

Sat. November 15, 2014  

Charlotte, NC  11am – 6pm   $222 (register early for special rate- $195)


Each Initiation offers a profoundly transformative experience unique to the essence of The Councils present.  

Become a living emissary of transformative Light on earth. The attunement infusions will open you to your Radiant Heart!

*Experience expansive shifts in consciousness*

*Embrace the highest forms of love, joy, peace, and harmony*

*Embody the Ascension energies for the evolution of humanity and Gaia*

*Align with the energetics of manifestation*

Councils Initiations assist you in clarifying your purpose and





Initiation Testimonies

“I feel like my heart has wings. So grateful for the experience!” -Carol Poteat, Charlotte, NC

“What a boost into higher vibrational living! The pure joy & light-heartedness is truly profound.” -Diana Kranefuss, Mooresville, NC

“I found this event to be awesome and enlightening. I loved meeting like-minded spirits and look forward to the next such [event].” -Louise Carter, Mooresville, NC 

 “No matter what your spiritual path or tradition, you will experience the highest loving energies at a Councils of Light event.” - Liz Simmerman, Charlotte NC  

“I have such a clear understanding of the role The Councils will play in my life!” -Dee Massengale, Atlanta GA                                                                                    


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An Introduction to our work…

The 12 Galactic Councils of Light work in a unified field, yet each carries a unique frequency, offers specialized teachings, and transmits a distinct vibration and ascension encodement.  Your facilitators, Rina, Ayala, and Linda heed the call of The Councils and offer initiations into a single Council, a pairing of Councils, or a grouping of Councils.  These events immerse you in the unique energetics and teachings of The Councils of Light to raise your vibrational frequency, increase your radiance, and align you with your highest potential to embody the New Celestial Earth Consciousness. Your spiritual path will become more empowered as you experience and integrate these Ascension qualities:
  • a deeper spiritual connection and an accelerated spiritual path
  • a release of old limiting beliefs and patterns
  • genuine experiences of unity consciousness
  • increased sense of peace and joy

After each initiation, you will carry the specific energies of the Councils, and become a living emissary of that essence here on earth.
If your soul is calling for a spiritual transformation, join us for our next initiation! And if you would like to receive invitations to The Councils of Light events, please join our mailing list by emailing us directly at: and by joining our Facebook page 

Teleconference Calls

These calls offer a direct connection to The Councils of Light.  Dial in, sit back, and receive as Rina, Linda and Ayala channel the Councils who wish to offer visualizations, teachings, and infusions of energetics.  

We truly appreciate a $10 love donation for each call.  Your generosity allows us to tithe, to offer event scholarships whenever possible, and to maintain this website.  

Thank you for choosing the Telecall selection on our Products & Services page Paypal button, where you will also find dialing instructions.  

2014 Teleconference call Schedule:

July 13

August 10  

September 14  

October 12  

November 9  

December 14

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