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Rina Rabassa

Rina became an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek in 1995. A Usui Reiki Master since  1996 and a Karuna Reiki Master since 1999, she uses a variety of healing modalities  to help you achieve wholeness. Rina is an Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Counsel and Mentor, and creator of the HeartLight Process for personal empowerment and evolution.

Rina is the founder  and director of  Radiant Heart Ministries and Founding Member of the Radiant Heart Council, along with Ayala
Eirena and Linda Backes. This Council functions as facilitators for the Galactic Councils  of Light through direct transmission of Ascension energetics  and teachings. This work is offered to the public as a path of Initiation into the various Councils of Light.

Rina has traveled extensively to  Sacred Sites and Portals, integrating and anchoring these sacred energies on the planet. Trained in many world spiritual traditions, she approaches spirituality from a holistic  and cross-cultural perspective. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the US  with her family in 1960. Rina has a BA from Queens College, CUNY.

For a private session with Rina you may  contact her via e-mail at

Rina currently lives in Charlotte, NC.


Ayala Eirena

IMG_2239Ayala is a clairvoyant spiritual advisor and healer with 33 years of experience.  An ordained minister, Alchemical High Priestess, and Master Healer, Ayala has been formally trained in Chakra balancing, vibrational medicine, Healing Hands, micro-cellular & psychic surgeries, and light body encodings.  She channels supreme Guides and Light Beings to help bring clarity, resolution, joy, and peace to her clients.

In private sessions,  she joins with her Healing Teams to employ a wide array of energy modalities that bring about profound healing on all levels, from micro-cellular depths through all of the subtle bodies. Ayala is dedicated to assisting clients in evolving toward wellness and mastery by channeling clear guidance as well as higher vibrational frequencies. Her work is powerful and transformative on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, and into the multi-dimensional realms of the Soul. Clarify your journey! Fulfill your purpose! Live joyfully!

Ayala co-facilitates Initiations into The Galactic Councils of Light with Linda Backes and Rina Rabassa.  At these incredibly unique Initiations, Ayala channels direct energy infusions and profound teachings to assist participants on their Ascension path.  For a private appointment with Ayala, email


Linda Carter Backes

IMG_5622Linda is the entrepreneur of A Radiant Light for Body, Mind & Spirit in Charlotte, North Carolina. On pure faith, she embarked upon a journey 17 years ago into the amazing powers of homeopathy, cleansing, meditation, yoga and other natural modalities. From that inspiration, Linda knew she had to share her knowledge and abilities with others. That was and remains her inspiration for opening a spiritual center.

Linda is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love. As a Reiki Master in both Usui and Karuna traditions, Linda offers treatments that also incorporate crystal enery and therapeutic essential oils. In addition, she teaches Reiki classes for all levels, including workshops for other Masters.

As an intuitive reader, Linda is the only one known at this time who utilizes the amazing Mystical Fochaadams. a unique system of symbology which integrates energy and perception and reveals past, present and future trends influencing  the querent.  Linda provides readings in person or long distance and also has been an exhibiter and presenter at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expos both in North Carolina and Florida.

On 8/08/08 Linda became a channel of Light Body Activations overlighted by AA Metatron.  This unique form of Light work enables the body to hold higher energetic frequencies.  Receiving this specialized attunement has a profound effect at the cellular level and facilitates the opportunity for a palpable shift in one’s life.

Linda is a co-facilitator of the Galactic Councils of Light Initiations, along with Rina Rabassa and Ayala Eirena.  In particular, her role is that of spiritual channel and conveyor of Sound/Tone Vibration.

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